CF Carrefour Laval

Laval, Québec

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CF Carrefour Laval is Quebec’s largest commercial centre. With over 300 stores, it is one of the 4 commercial centres that constitute the Centres à la mode. One can find there a wide variety of retailers that offer a multitude of products and services, including Quebec’s very first Apple Store.

General informations
Annual traffic 11,382,790
Number of stores 300
Gross area 1,318,000 ft²
Time spent per visit 86 minutes
Number of visits per month 3.4
Average purchase during a visit $ 97.88
Market population 370,784
Average household income $ 66,876
Source : The centres / Monday Report
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3035 Boulevard le Carrefour Laval,
Québec, Canada, H7T 1C8