Technical Specifications

Best creative practices

These recommendations are meant to provide guidelines for creating your visual to achieve the best possible results. If you have any questions, we can provide assistance as well as production services.

General information
for best results

• Avoid thin fonts that can be difficult to read
• Less is often more effective in conveying a clear message and brand image
• Since there is no sound, keep your message clear and concise
• Avoid existing videos with people talking
• Draw attention with bright colours
• Good contrast draws attention and makes the text easier to read

Digital Horizontal
2-screen configuration


Provide two different static messages or provide the same static visual on both screens.

    OPTION 1

    Best usage is a confluent design that uses the panoramic setup so the creative flows from one screen to the next.

    Important that text remain centered on each screen and not travel between.

    • Spot Duration
      15 seconds
    • HD Screen
    • Combined
      Aspect Ratio
      32:9 (Panoramic)
    • Audio
    • Separation between screens 18
    • Supports both static and video
    • Maximum recommended verbiage: 15 words for 15 seconds
    • Font size should be minimum 60pts (Except for legal)

    Digital Vertical

    • Supports both static and video
    • Maximum recommended verbiage: 10 words for 10 seconds
    • Font size should be minimum 40 pts
    • Spot Duration
      10 seconds
    • HD Screen Resolution
    • Combined Aspect Ratio
    • Audio

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