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The most advanced display advertising planning platform on the market

NEO has developed a high-performance platform that makes it possible to build targeted and strategic advertising campaigns based on precise socio-demographic and purchasing behaviour. This data information has been obtained from reputable third parties such as Vividata and Environics.

Connect also enables advertisers and property managers to communicate in real time with their consumers and manage their advertising campaigns.

Content Management System (CMS)
This is where Partners and clients manage creative uploads and scheduling of campaigns on NEO’s digital networks. Simple drag and drop functionality with unlimited schedules, dates, times and days of the week. Each schedule is carefully reviewed by NEO to ensure quality control.
Points of interest
Use of personalized filters such as "points of interest" automatically selects sites on NEO’s networks that fall within a specified close proximity of the advertiser or their competitors.
Selection by retailers
Retailers can be easily selected from regularly updated directories of each property, or according to the desired distance.
Smart data
Access to over 700 mobile data points provided by Environics, as well as 9,000 Vividata behavioural data points associated with each property. This allows to build the most relevant media recommendations to target specific audiences.
Targeting by market, product and network
Campaign Performance
Track the performance of each campaign in real time.
Proof of Performance
Detailed performance reports are provided including impressions, delivery by targeted properties and creative scheduled.