Carrefour Industrielle Alliance

Montréal, Québec


With about 30 stores and more than 11 million yearly visitors, Downtown Montreal’s Carrefour Industrielle Alliance simply cannot be ignored. Among its stores are La Maison Simons and the Famous Players movie theatre. Carrefour Industrielle Alliance is easily accessible via Montreal’s subway.

General informations
Annual traffic 11,500,000
Number of stores 32
Gross area 210,500 ft²
Time spent per visit 66.4 minutes
Number of visits per month 5.0
Average purchase during a visit $ 68.80
Market population 1,090,411
Average household income $ 48,604
Source : The centres / Monday Report/ Statcan
  • Digital Displays
  • Digital Spectacular
  • Specialty Media

977 Rue Ste-Catherine O Montréal,
Québec, Canada, H3B 4W3