Montreal Premium Outlet

Mirabel, Québec

Static posters
Static posters

The center, the second PREMIUM OUTLETS in Canada, is located in Mirabel, Quebec, at exit 28 of Highway 15 at the corner of Chemin Notre-Dame and Boulevard de Versailles. This one-storey, village-style building offers contemporary and sophisticated design to provide a more upscale shopping experience. Despite the fact that pedestrian courtyards are outside, the design of the center offers special features that make shopping easy all year long.

General informations
Annual traffic 4,000,000
Number of stores 84
Gross area 365 500 sq. ft.
Market population 2,480,860
Average household income $ 72,025
Source : Simon Group
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19001 Chemin Notre Dame Mirabel,
Québec, Canada, J7J 2A5